What Are the Benefits of Cold Pressed Oil?


When thinking of healthy cooking alternatives, cold pressed oil may be one that comes up to mind. Full of antioxidants and cholesterol free, these oils can work as a cooking oil that makes a great addition to healthy dishes. But what exactly are these oils and how are they made? Read on to find out.

Cold pressing is a method of oil extraction from fruits, seeds or nuts like sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, coconuts, or olives. Cold pressing does not use heat.  This is important because heat may degrade the oil’s flavor and nutritional quality. Using oil that is created through this method allows you to benefit from the full nutritional advantages that the fruit, seeds and nuts have to offer.

Seeds that are cold pressed retain antioxidants that can be damaged when exposed to heat. These antioxidants combat free radicals that do cell damage in the body.

Although cooking with cold pressed oils is recommended, remember, the whole point is not to expose them to heat as this may serve to degrade the nutrients that have been so carefully preserved.  Therefore, cold pressed oil is best consumed when sprinkled on the top of salads, breads and cooked meats.

If you are looking to start incorporating a healthy diet into your lifestyle, cold pressed oil is a great place to start. The avoidance of heat in the pressing process allows you to take full advantage of the seed’s nutritional value. How will you be using these oils to add flavor and nutrients to your dishes?