How much Exercise is Enough?


A recent study published in Lancet (a prestigious medical journal) this month found that people who exercise several times a week report having better mental health than those who did not exercise. Interestingly, team sports and those involving social groups had the biggest positive effect. So, how much exercise is enough? Exercising for around 45 minutes three to five times a week was associated with the biggest benefits. Researchers analyzed data from 1.2 million adults across the United States. Participants were asked to estimate how often in the past 30 days they would rate their mental health as ‘not good’ based on stress, depression and emotional problems. Interestingly, they found that the benefits of exercise on mental health was even more pronounced in those who had a previous diagnosis of depression. Regular exercisers had an average of 3.75 fewer days of poor mental health per month. I know, for me, no matter how exhausting a workout is, I always feel better overall after a good workout. This study gives us more motivation to get moving!