7 Green Smoothie Tips

  1. Use a little lime zest (a sliver of the peel) to cut down on the overly leafy taste of green smoothies. It is a little known but essential trick to make green smoothies with spinach and kale taste less like grass and more like delicious goodness.

  2. The thicker the smoothie, the longer you’ll stay full. So, load your blender with plenty of raw vegetables like kale and spinach to keep hunger away.

  3. Use frozen berries for extra thick smoothies. Frozen berries make smoothies thicker and they keep them cool and refreshing. If you have a powerful blender like a #Vitamix, you can even use frozen berries to make a dairy free desert. Just add less almond milk and it will be thick and creamy just like ice cream!

  4. For smoothies with ice, add the ice last. Adding ice first may cause you to over-blend, leaving you with a watery drink.

  5. Remember when making smoothies with bananas, the banana tends to be the predominant flavor. To avoid banana flavor from overpowering the smoothie, I typically don’t use more than one half a banana in a smoothie. However, when making green smoothies, you can use this to your advantage. With green smoothies, bananas can be useful to overcome bitterness of certain greens.

  6. Use flavorful herbs and spices like parsley, ginger, and mint. These simple additions turn a good smoothie into a great smoothie.

  7. Add dates instead of sugar. Dates are sweet and don't have an overpowering flavor like bananas so they are a great healthier option when you are craving a sweet smoothie.