Artificial Sweeteners Increase Your Risk Of Obesity By Almost 200%

Did you know that artificial sweeteners increase your risk of obesity by almost 200%?

Artificial Sweeteners and Obesity.jpg

Research continues to grow against artificial sweeteners. When I first heard the research years ago, I didn’t want to believe it. I mean, how could a drink with no calories cause weight gain? It just didn’t make sense. But then study after study came out pointing to diet drinks and artificial sugars as a source of weight gain. In one of the first studies, they looked at mice which were separated into three groups (the groups were given either water, soda, or diet soda). At the end of the study, the mice that had diet soda had gained the most weight. 

But that was just mice…what about people? Since then, there have been multiple studies showing that people who consume diet soda have an increased risk of obesity and even Type II diabetes. In fact, one study involving over 5,000 people found that drinking more than 21 drinks with artificial sweeteners weekly (including coffee, tea and soda) almost doubled the risk of being overweight. In this study, body mass index (BMI) was significantly higher in people who consumed artificial sweeteners compared to people who did not consume artificial sweeteners. Most of these studies looked at sucralose and aspartame, so the verdict may still be out on stevia. That being said, the take home message is…SWITCH TO WATER. The proof is in the research.