3 Skincare Mistakes That Can Make Dark Spots Worse

Are you making your dark spots worse?  If you have dark spots, here are some mistakes you may be making in your skin care regimen.

Not wearing sunscreen

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Everyone knows that we should wear sunscreen, especially when you suffer from dark spots or hyperpigmentation, but many don't wear it every day. To really battle dark spots, sunscreen needs to become an essential part of your daily routine. Get into the habit of wearing sunscreen minimum SPF 30 every day rain or shine to make sure you are protecting yourself from the sun.

Too much sun exposure

This seems so simple but in a sunny climate, it can make all the difference. When outside it is important to practice sun avoidance. If you have melasma, spending 10 minutes in direct sunlight can easily reverse improvement after months of diligent skin care. In addition to wearing sunscreen, try to seek shade whenever possible and wear a wide brimmed hat (at least 4 inches). If you don't do this then you are just fighting an uphill battle.

At home peels 

Trying to do aggressive at home peels and treatments that are not designed for your skin type. I see this all the time when women buy peels designed for dermatologists and try to do them at home. Unfortunately, without the correct training these deep peels can sometimes make the problem worse. Avoid these simple mistakes to get clear even skin and to stop dark spots in their tracks.