Have you heard of the Walker Hair Typing System?


This brilliant system was developed by Oprah Winfrey's hair stylist, Andre Walker, and is an excellent way to identify the many distinct hair types (from straight to curly/kinky). See below for an overview. My hair type is a 4A. What is your hair type?


For Straight Hair:

  • Type 1A – Described as fine, very thin and soft with a noticeable shine;
  • Type 1B – Appears as medium-textured;
  • Type 1C – Shows the most resistant to curly styling and relatively coarse compared to above mentioned types.

For Wavy Hair:

  • Type 2A – Stands for fine and thin hair, this type can be very comfortable and easy for hairstyle selection – it can easily be straightened or curled;
  • Type 2B – Characterized by hair waves that tend to adhere to the shape of your head;
  • Type 2C – This type of hair can frizz easily and is fairly coarse.

For Curly Hair:

  • Type 3A – Pretty shinny and loose hair;
  • Type 3B – This sub-category has medium amount curls, ranging from bouncy ringlets (spiral like curls of hair) to tight corkscrews (spiral-shaped corkscrew curls);

For Kinky Hair:

  • Type 4A – This hair type is full of tight coils;
  • Type 4B – Hair has less defined pattern of curls and looks like “Z” with very sharp angles.