How to Get Rid of Split Ends

Split ends are a common and frustrating problem that we all have to deal with. They occur when the hair splits at the tip, and is more common in chemically processed hair. They also occur in women who frequently blow-dry their hair, so just about everyone is prone to split ends.


Best treatment for split ends

The best treatment for split ends is simple...just cut your hair! Of course, most of us would rather prevent split ends than cut off inches of hair on a regular basis, so here are some prevention tips:

Avoid over-processing hair. As a general rule, you can easily get away with one chemical process (i.e. chemical straightener, relaxer, or keratin) to maintain healthy hair. Adding a second chemical, like color, is a little more challenging, and three chemical processes (relaxer + color + highlights) is asking for trouble. So, although we love to have it all, if you want really healthy hair, opt to go chemical free. If that is not an option, at least limit yourself to one chemical process.

Another tip: If your hair is chemically straightened, use semi-permanent color instead of permanent color. This is a safer option because it does not use excessive amounts of peroxide to strip the hair. If you choose to do multiple chemicals, be prepared to do conditioning treatments regularly and avoid high heat. That means staying away from the handheld hair dryer. Instead, air dry your hair or go old school and sit under the hooded dryer. Use a wide toothed comb when combing your hair, and avoid brushes with metal bristles.

If you do have split ends, don’t be conservative with your haircut. Remember, it is always better to cut them off and start fresh than to just trim a little and not actually address the problem.