Waterproof Makeup Removal

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Removing makeup – especially waterproof - can be a chore at times! When it comes to removing waterproof makeup, what you use and how you use it can make the process so much easier. Read on to hear more about tips to remove your waterproof makeup. It may be tempting to scrub that makeup off but gentle is best especially when removing makeup from your delicate eye area. You also want to make sure you do not use anything that can irritate your skin. I have found that oil-based removers are best for breaking down waterproof makeup. Water doesn’t work because…well, it’s waterproof!! I also recommend using a soft cotton cloth (old t-shirt strips work great!) when removing makeup. Cotton balls or pads can sometimes catch on your eyelashes leaving behind cotton remnants which is never fun! One of the best natural removers is coconut oil. Not only does it smell great, it also leaves your skin feeling nourished. Start with applying the oil with your fingertips and work it into your eyelashes as well as eyelids. Use the soft cloth to gently remove the oil and makeup that comes off with it. This is also a great way to remove those ultra-pigmented lipsticks! Other alternatives are olive oil and petroleum jelly. There are also some great removers on the market but make sure they are safe for using on your eye makeup, so you don’t cause irritation.