Is Glitter in Makeup Safe?


Glitter makeup made a huge comeback recently and isn’t going anywhere from the looks of it. Makeup brands like MAC sell glitter separately and other brands are putting it in their shadows and lipsticks.

The loose glitter makeup companies sell is cosmetic glitter which is cut and dyed differently than craft glitter. Craft glitter, the kind you buy at a craft or hobby store, has sharp edges and can cause microscopic tears to your eyelid’s delicate skin (not to mention what it can do to your eyes). In addition, the dye in craft glitter is not cosmetic grade and is more likely to cause skin irritation. To be safe, always use cosmetic glitter, specifically those formulated with mica which is less irritating than some that use mylar.

For the more adventurous beauty addict, cosmetic glitter can be used on the eyelids to take your eye look to the next level. Make sure you use a sticky base like concealer or a glitter primer to ensure that the glitter stays put, and you don’t end up with glitter fall out. Not your thing? You can also pat it on lips or add it to your lip gloss for extra sparkle to your lips.